Travel Tips


Clothing Care: Travel Tips

The best travel wardrobe consists of a few garments that can be combined to create multiple looks. This means fewer clothes and fewer shoes, which is especially important because footwear is heavy. Multi-purpose garments can change the look from casual to dressy and will also help lighten the luggage load.

Plastic bags are a boon to a carefree travel wardrobe. Used properly, they can minimize, if not completely eliminate, wrinkled clothes. Garments can be hung on a hanger and covered with a dry cleaner's bag, then folded and packed.

Once the destination is reached, hang the garments and remove the bags. If there's no room for hangers in the luggage, hold the garment and bag by the shoulders, allowing the hanger to fall out before packing.

To help shoes keep their shape, stuff them with rolled up socks and stockings. Pack the shoes in plastic bags so the clothes stay clean.

Be prepared for some wardrobe first aid. A small traveler's sewing kit and a stain remover stick or gel can handle most clothing emergencies. Use it to pre-treat stains at the end of each day.

When choosing luggage, keep in mind that two small bags, with evenly distributed weight loads, are easier to handle than one large, heavy one.

Jacket folding for travel

- While travelling, a properly folded jacket can minimize wrinkles.

- Empty pockets and unbutton the jacket.

- Hold the jacket facing you and place hands inside jacket's shoulders.

- Turn the Left shoulder inside out (but not the sleeve). Place the Right shoulder inside the left shoulder. The lining is facing out and the sleeves are positioned inside the fold.

- Fold the jacket in half and place inside a plastic bag.

- Pack the jacket.