Exclusive and Luxurious Fabrics

Choose from the finest Super 100's, Merino wools, silks, cashmeres, English and Italian Fabrics... all wool, superfine wool worsteds, flannels, Scottish tweeds and cashmere, French Gabardines, Italian pure silk and silk Mohair's and much much more.

Luxurious wool is a natural choice for all-season wear. In fashion, style is born of cloth, and no other cloth equals the quality, the style, the luxury and the comfort of pure wool worsted fabrics... the natural choice for fine custom tailored suits.

Lightweight wool is worn year around in any climate. Whether casual or dressy, pure worsted wool fabrics are seasonless for comfort, value and quality.

Worsted wool - known for its natural texture, extraordinary draping properties and breathability - is superlative suiting cloth that is good looking and comfortably versatile. Among its many inherent strengths, wool drapes beautifully and retains its handsome silhouette through seasons of wearing.

We select only cloths of exceptional quality and value from the finest mills around the world for our collection in all the latest colours and patterns. From our classic all-wools to our Super 150's, our newest collection has a cloth and style for you.

The fabrics in our President/Chairman collection are made of 100% natural fibers or 85 to 90% natural fiber woolens, cashmere silk, linens, cottons etc. of high quality and have a 10% to 15% viscose or terelene content to make them more wrinkle resistant, durable and very easy to care for. They are excellent for traveling and produce beautiful cost effective suits with a very rich look and feel.

The fabrics in our Executive collection are all imported with no synthetic or minimal synthetic blends (no more than 5% synthetic) and are generally lighter in weight. They have a softer feel, drape and fall and are of excellent quality.

Should budgetary constraints not be an issue and you prefer all natural fabrics we would recommend the Executive Collection fabrics for all your suiting needs and the President/Chairman collections for your shirts as the best option. Our exclusive fabrics are highly recommended especially if you travel and tend to be harder on your garments, they are more durable than the all natural fabrics.

We also carry Dupioni Silks in 100’s of colors, they have there own classification along with our Super 180’s and Super 200’s.